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New Business, New Products, New Beginnings -C

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

WELCOME TO CJ POURS!!! Officially established as an LLC May 21st, 2022, CJ Pours offers the official presentation and selling platforms for Jess' and my artwork. We work hard to give our customers the best product imaginable; whether that means ordering samples of the products we promote or editing a photo for hours on end, we are here to get it done and get it done right.

My acrylic pouring journey began September 21st, 2019 when my friend brought her supplies over for us to try a fun new painting technique. I was not too artistically talented (just look at the first picture at the bottom), but we spent hours playing around with the flowing paint and I was immediately obsessed. I started looking up videos and social media accounts showing acrylic pours and how to make them. I drove to Target and Michael's to start a new collection of art supplies, anxious and excited to make more pours.

It was not until November 2019 that I started producing a handful of pours that I was truly happy with, and not until December before I made a pour that I was proud to hang up in my room. Today, the earliest piece I have (and that is hanging up in our room) is from January 2020, over four months after I first learned and started pouring.

If you enjoy doing something, do not shy away from it if you are not immediately skilled. Prior to 2022, we have not had much success marketing our artwork, so we took a step back and used our heads. What we came up with is not just a new name or company, but a whole new beginning on how and what we can sell. CJ Pours is committed to making the best products; whether it be apparel, prints, accessories, and more, we strive to make unique, trippy, affordable artwork and designs to be enjoyed both on screens and on YOU! We've worked hard to make CJ Pours a reality, and will continue to work hard to ensure our small business is the best it can be.

Please follow us on Instagram @cjpours and reddit u/cjpours for more trippy pours. We hope you will enjoy our efforts.

Peace, Joy, and Love,


Stand out in style.

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