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About CJ Pours


Hello! My name is Jessica Stewart, and I represent the "J" in CJ Pours! I always knew I had a passion for the arts as I grew up a band geek (I played trombone!), but never followed my painting passion too deeply until the start of the pandemic in 2020. I spent my quarantine days hand painting and pouring during all the free time I had and my love for this hobby grew to where I am today!

I'm also a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, earning my B.S. degree in Meteorology with minors in Geography and GIS. When I'm not painting, I'm mostly likely at my regular job as a meteorological lab technician, at the gym working out, or hanging out with my best friend and fiancé, Camden.

Thank you so much for visiting out page!! Stay trippy!☮️


Howdy! My name is Camden Dellinger, and I represent the "C" in CJ Pours! From a young age I knew I liked doing things differently and with a splash of extra creativity. Hopping around from bugs to trombone to science and more, I always kept myself entertained or fascinated, but I never had as much fun than when I started making art with Jess. I've used much of the last two years pouring and experimenting with our art during my free time, getting better to where I am confident enough to share it with you!

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2020 with a BS in microbiology. When I'm not working on our artwork I am probably being a kick-butt science teacher or on the top of a mountain without cell service, enjoying the nature and clean air alongside the love of my life, Jess <3.

Thank you so much for visiting out page! Stand out in style!

Find us on: 
Etsy: CJPours
Instagram: @cjpours
Redbubble: cjpours
Reddit: u/cjpours
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