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Shipping & Returns 

Shipping Policy

Shipping is EXPENSIVE. It SUCKS. We are working towards getting better shipping costs to both lower our prices AND try and remove the shipping cost minimum altogether. Until then, to ensure we don't loose money on products that cost $10 or more to ship, we have to keep a shipping cost on orders under $30. For many of the products, especially for orders coming from multiple manufacturers, the additional shipping cost does not cover the full cost; therefore, to help our amazing customers keep their costs low (when I order samples my cost is often doubled from the shipping cost) we add a flat shipping fee of 6.95 on orders under $30 before tax.

Shipping may take 10 or more business days from checkout to reach you; this will depend on the weight and size of your product, what the product is, and where it is manufactured. Items coming from CJ Pours personal collection of prints or canvases should take no more than 10 business days to reach you (please allow for longer shipping on larger artwork that cannot roll).

Return & Exchange Policy

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