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Apoptosis is a highly regulated process of programmed cell death where the cell’s membrane can dissolve. Can you imagine all of the cytoplasm and organelles bursting out, creating chaos in what is already a constant frenzy? Once this process begins, apoptosis is unable to be stopped or reversed. Every burst cell is one small world opening into a larger world, often just to be quickly consumed by a phagocyte to ensure other cells are not damaged from chunks of microscopic biochemical shrapnel. With trippy themes of microbiology, acrylic pours, digital art, and more, Apoptosis will make a great eye catching addition to any scene!

At CJ Pours, we want the best for our customers. That's why we ordered multiple sample socks from different brands to see how they fit, feel, and look. We determined that these Direct To Garment Crew Socks fit our needs best in all three categories: hands down the best fit, feel, and look from the samples we ordered. We were also doubly impressed with the extra fabric on the heels and toes of the socks - no more holes worn into the socks after just a few trippy nights out! We are sure you will love these socks as much as we do!

Direct-to-garment socks are a one-size-fits-all solution up to a men’s size 12. 

.: 200 needle knit premium socks
.: Cushioned bottoms
.: Material: 73% polyester, 18% nylon, 3% cotton, 6% spandex
.: One size: comfortably fits women's size 5 US up to men's size 12 US

Apoptosis DTG Crew Socks

SKU: 23563411745968303953
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