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Named for the metamorphic insect in Alice in Wonderland, the brilliant blue hues mixing with neon greens and magentas make this piece a cool eye catching addition to any room or wardrobe! You are someone who loves expressing themself with vibrant colors and trippy designs, not afraid to answer the same question asked to Alice by Absolem, “who are you?”! Find the butterfly wings among the cells and get lost staring back into the eyes scattered amongst the trippy design.

Join the plastic-free movement with biodegradable phone cases! Made from PLA plant polymer and bamboo fibers, these slim and lightweight cases naturally biodegrade 160 days after disposal. They also support wireless charging for hassle-free battery charging on the go. Get yours as is or get your friends in on the movement too with gift packaging options!

.: Premium quality PLA polymer
.: Matte finish
.: Slim form and lightweight design
.: Precise cut outs for connectivity
.: Supports wireless charging
.: Might have a natural scent
.: Gift packaging available

AtC Biodegradable Phone Case

PriceFrom $25.94
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