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The radioactive venom of the spider took hold in a very… unexpected way. Introducing DUSKDANOWITZ, an RGB split version of Brendanowitz. We can’t imagine turing into a superhero would be the most normal experience. Spiders have eight eyes, so who knows what they can see...


Created to help add personality in any space,CJ Pours wall tapestries are a home decorator's dream come true. Printed from edge to edge with cutting-edge sublimation printing, it lends vibrant colors and vivid details to all of our trippiest designs. Choose between four sizes to find what suits your needs best.

.: 100% polyester microfiber
.: Multiple sizes (34''x40'', 50''x60'', 57''x57'', 80''x68'')
.: Edge-to-edge print
.: Hems on all sides

Duskdanowitz Trippy Printed Wall Tapestry

PriceFrom $21.95
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