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A crazy economic phenomenon from 1634 to 1637 when tulips prices soared to exorbitant prices and quickly fell. (Look it up, the alleged values are insane!)

Created to help add personality in any space,CJ Pours wall tapestries are a home decorator's dream come true. Printed from edge to edge with cutting-edge sublimation printing, it lends vibrant colors and vivid details to all of our trippiest designs. Choose between four sizes to find what suits your needs best.

.: 100% polyester microfiber
.: Multiple sizes (34''x40'', 50''x60'', 57''x57'', 80''x68'')
.: Edge-to-edge print
.: Hems on all sides

Tulip Mania Printed Wall Tapestry

PriceFrom $21.94
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